Joining the Lions

Who are the Lions?

'Ordinary people doing amazing things'

Can you be one of those people?

What is a Lions Club?

A Lions Club is part the largest community service organisation in the world with over 1.4 million members.

There are around 40,000 Lions Clubs spread over most countries in the world

What are the criteria for becoming a member?

Any ethnicity, creed or gender

Aged over 18, but no upper limit

To have some spare time to support the community

What do we do locally?

Support local charitable causes

Help individuals in need

Get involved in community projects



What opportunities do we get out of it?

To experience leadership

To develop communication skills

To be involved in project team work

To be involved with the community

To 'put back' rather than to 'take out'

What we are looking for

To build our membership to help us develop our work in the community

For people who can spare a few hours of their time every month

For people who can make a difference

For people who like to get involved

                           If you would like to become part of an organisation of 'ordinary people' doing 'amazing things' then please contact us